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I have a laundry list of questions and thoughts. I'm just going to brain dump here. Feel free to engage!

I've been interested in markets for what feels like forever now but never had the capital or time to properly invest in training, studying and practicing.
That window might be coming and I want to get a better understanding of some things.
For starters, I would be trading part time-ish. What I mean by that is I will have access to my charts and account via web based platforms from the office all day - but the degree of which I'm tuned into it will vary through the day. (How to make a boring job less boring.)
With that said, the requirements of what type of market trading I get involved with will depend on the flexibility of it's platform offerings. (as in a quality web platform as well as mobile).
Some questions:
I'm interested in Forex (or micro forex futures given my small bankroll), commodities (gold, silver, oil, etc) or trading S&P 500 e-mini futures (as I've read too much material now about how fantastic they are as a first trading vehicle to newbies). Of the two, which generally have brokers that have better mobile and web based trading applications? I won't be able to set up a space ship of a desk space with Metatrader and 50 graphs of stuff and a face tanning wall of monitors. I'll be browser based with dual-display monitors and on iOS. (Hell, if I could trade all day reliably from an iPad I would 100% do that instead)
My initial capital I plan to start with would be roughly $2,000 CAD. Nothing wild. I'd be calling it "tuition" while I learned. (after I come off paper trading of course) My goal at that point would be a) learning b) practicing and executing a trading strategy and c) growing my bankroll
I'm a huge advocate for depth over breadth so if I went the forex route, I would very likely only commit to one currency pair and become intimately familiar with it. I don't think I have the dna to be a multi-chart multi-pair type of person. The only for sure things I know is it would either be the big pair EUUSD or the more familiar USD/CAD as I'm in Canada, on a border city and am knee deep in news on both fronts.
I really don't know which of the three paths I should really go into. Part of my decision making process will be what kind of training and education material is available for them.
Here's all I really know about that so far:
So if we were friends, and we were having a beer somewhere and I was spitballing all of these thoughts, what would you reply with?
What market should I consider the most? Where's the best place to learn about it? Where can I find, learn, or study a strategy that's reliable but not too high risk? What brokers of that market take canadian accounts and have robust browser based platforms and equally good iOS apps? Can someone actually trade successfully, reliably and comfortably from an iPad if they were so inclined?
Thanks so much.
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